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    It ‘s exactly a year – to the day – you performed surgery on me for my dysmorphic skull. (anterior and posterior cranioplasty with HA and PMMA) I want to thank you for the excellent conditions under which happened for my surgery and your warm welcome and your patience and amiability in answering all my questions. All these factors helped me to have the surgery for my long-standing skull disfigurement.With hindsight I can evaluate the result to be 80 % of what I hoped (percentage by which I am very satisfied because of the severity of dysmorphia, a persistent posterior flattening ) and I am convinced that this is the maximum that we can correct. I am very surprised at the result of the anterior cranioplasty, it is perfect  and impossible to notice. My scar  is better than before (Except for my 13 year old daughter, nobody noticed anything) I want to thank you for getting me out of a very long nightmare ….I found again the joy of living…thank you very much!!


Lyon, France


Perhaps surprising to some, the shape of one’s head/skull to some can be as disturbing as just about any other face or body part. Head shape concerns of areas of flatness, too much projection or asymmetries from either natural skull development or from prior surgery or trauma affect people’s self-esteem. Skull reshaping or cranioplasty can offer some very effective improvements for many of these skull shape concerns that can be tremendously gratifying as this patient’s e-mail demonstrates a year after surgery. Patients often know quite specifically what about their head shape they do not like and can draw a diagram of  how they would like it changed. (as this patient did)   Augmentation of the skull can be done more effectively than reduction in most cases if the overlying scalp permits the expansion.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana

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