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Plastic Surgery 2015 Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisAs 2014 has now passed, we look forward to 2015 and wonder what plastic trends will be forthcoming. But looking forward requires looking back at the most common and written about plastic surgery procedures.

The internet and the multicultural diversity in the U.S. has led to a strong demand for buttock augmentation procedures. While by far most commonly done through fat injections (aka the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)), buttock implants have increased by a draft effect as well. (thin women are not candidates for a BBL) While buttock enlargement is most popular in the sun and coastal states, their is strong demand in the Midwest as well.

The Mommy Makeover continues to be popular as more women want to try and get back to their pre-pregnancy bodies. While the name is relatively new and catchy, it is a combination of well known body contouring procedures of a tummy tuck and some form of breast reshaping. (implants alone or combined with a lift)

Neck rejuvenation through fat removal and skin tightening applies to the young and old. Sharper neck angles are desired. While multiple non-invasive devices exist that promote neck tightening, nothing compares to what liposuction, necklifts and lower facelifts can create. However external energy treatments like ultrasound and radiofrequency can be a good initial treatment for the surgery wary.

Facial aging is now well known to be associated with fat or volume loss. This is had to increased uses of injectable fillers as office procedures and the use of injected fat in surgery as part of other facial rejuvenation procedures. The cheeks are a key focus for this midface rejuvenation. Cheek implants are not passe but patients are often considering  injection methods before or as a replacement for them.

Increases in fat grafting has not been just limited to the face and buttocks. Fat grafting to the breasts has become an accepted procedure but requires more careful and limited patient selection. Fat is not a replacement for implants in most cases but for a small modest increase in breast size and to add a little shape, fat grafting is a viable option.

Breast reduction in men continues to increase in overall numbers. The interest spans from very young men who may have too much nipple-areolar protrusion to older men with overall chest deflation and sagging. While liposuction alone can be effective for a small number of gynecomastia reductions, it usually needs to be combined with open excision to avoid residual nipple protrusion. Chest sagging in older men usually needs some form of a lift as well to reposition the nipple and chest tissues back up on the chest wall.

All of these procedures will continue to be in strong demand throughout 2015. But the question will be what new ones will emerge and how will the ones we know be modified and improved.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana

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