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Thigh implants are another type of extremity muscle augmentation that can be done. Using the longest and widest muscle of the anterior thigh, the biceps femoris, the implant is placed in a subfascial location through a small curved incision at its upper end. My top ten recovery instructions are as follows.

1. Thigh implants are associated with a modest amount of pain in the first few days after surgery. Take your pain medications (narcotics) as needed. That would be 2 to 3 tablets every 3 to 4 hours as needed. In a few days switch to an anti-inflammatory medication like Ibuprofen.

2.  You will have ace wraps placed around your thighs at the end of surgery  that you will wear home. These wraps are there for comfort so wear it afterwards every day if it feels better on. You may remove the garment and shower the next day after surgery.

3. It is normal to have some knee stiffness when extending your legs in the first few weeks after surgery due to the connections of the biceps femoris muscle in and around the knee. Carefully working on extending your legs and partial knee bends will help this resolve.

4.  The incision along your upper thighs will be covered with glued on tapes. There is no care needed for it. It is ok to get it wet and it will get loose in the first week or so after surgery when you can remove them.

5. All of the sutures will be dissolvable and underneath the skin. There are no sutures to remove.

6. Sitting should be comfortable and you may do so as soon as you want after surgery. Laying on your sides will be initially uncomfortable but you can do when it feels comfortable. You can’t hurt the implants by laying on them.

7. Wear whatever clothes feel comfortable. Initially loose clothing like sweatpants is best.

8. Numbness of the skin around the thighs is normal after this kind of surgery. Normal feeling will return in four to six weeks  after surgery.

9. Avoid exercise of any strenuous kind for three to four weeks after surgery so the risk of seroma (fluid accumulation) is lessened. Too much activity too soon after surgery is a cause for the creation of such fluid collections.

10.   You may drive when you feel comfortable and can react normally and are off pain medication. It is all about how comfortable sitting is before you can drive.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana

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