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While chin implants has historically been viewed as a critical component of profile enhancement for some patients, this is a limited view of what it can aesthetically do. A more complete assessment of chin implants, 3D chin augmentation, takes into account what changes are needed or will occur in the frontal and three quarter views as well. Such changes take on great gender significance as what men and women want in the frontal view of their chin can be very different.

Some men prefer a more square shape to their chin and this can be one of the desirous changes of placing a chin implant. Increasing the angularity creates a stronger and more defined shape to the lower face at the front edge of the jaw. This is well illustrated in many male celebrities and model who have very defined jawlines and are often referred by men seeing chin and jaw augmentation.

The desire for a more square chin look is probably represented by those men that wear goatees that are specifically cut to create a square chin look. Underneath the facial hair may lie a rounder less angular chin.

The one style of facial implant that is designed to create more angularity is that of the square chin implant style. Its obvious more square shape is in contrast to every other chin implant style which is rounder and is designed to augment the natural curve of the front edge of the chin. It is available in several different styles. What separates the two basic square chin implants is the width that is created. A style 1 is 45mm wide while a style 2 is 55 wide from corner to corner.

Careful inspection of naturally square chins shows that the chin width should not exceed a vertical line dropped down from the corner of the mouth or not much beyond that line. This should be the guide as to whether a style 1 or style 2 square chin implant is used. Going significantly beyond the corners of the mouth with chin squareness can take on a cartoon-like appearance and make the overall face too square.

The other square chin implant style is the extended version. This has long wings that go way back along the jawline. This would be a good square chin implant style to use if one is also getting jaw angle implants for a total jawline augmentation. Such an approach may avoid the need for a custom wrap around jawline implant in some cases that do not involve any vertical jawline increase.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana

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