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Plastic Surgery Case Study – The Vertical Backlift for a Torso Cinching Effect

Background: The most commonly performed body tightening procedure by excision is the tummy tuck. Through a horizontally oriented excision of skin and fat the abdomen or lower anterior/ventral torso is tightened horizontally in the direction of the excision. As part of that procedure the vertically oriented rectus muscle/fascia is also tightened creating a bidirectional tightening/narrowing Read More…

Plastic Surgery Case Study – Custom Wraparound Testicle Implants Based on Ultrasound Measurements

Background: Testicular enhancement is a conceptually different procedure from testicular replacement. Replacement is a reconstructive procedure to implant a substitute for what has been lost. Enhancement is to enlarge the appearance of testicles that are intact…small but present. Both younger and older men present for testicular enhancement but often for slightly different reasons. The older Read More…

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