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Plastic Surgery Case Study – Webbed Neck Correction Using A Posterior Approach With Diamond Pattern Skin Excision and Trapezius Muscle Relocation

Background: The webbed neck is a well known congenital neck deformity that has a variety of origins. While the syndromic versions seen in Turner’s and Noonan’s are well described there are equal if not greater number of webbed necks that are non-syndromic.They exist without other physical abnormalities and with no genetic markers  of other syndromes. Read More…

Corseting Garments After Rib Removal Surgery

Rib removal surgery represents the ultimate or final surgical procedure for those women seeking waistline reduction/narrowing. By removing fat, muscle and free floating rib support at the waistline level whatever reductive narrowing effect that is possible will be achieved. But like any other body contouring surgery there will be expected swelling and soft tissue remodeling Read More…

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