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Fixation of the Anterior Osteotomy in Cheekbone Reduction Surgery

Cheekbone reduction surgery is indicated when excessive midfacial width desires to be reduced. It is a well known surgery that is done by cutting through the main body of the zygoma anteriorly and the thinner end of the zygomatic arch posteriorly. Plate and screw fixation is the best way to secure the inwardly repositioned posterior Read More…

Facelift Incision Placement in the Older Male Patient with No Hairline

Facelift surgery has a large number of operative variations due to its long history and common use. Most facelift innovations are focused are either techniques to improve or prolong its facial rejuvenative effects or to expedite the recovery process through more limited operations. But despite all of these surgical improvements, some basic components of facelift Read More…

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