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Pre-Incisional Topical EGCG Improves Postoperative Scars

Management of surgical skin incisions has drawn a tremendous amount of research and studies to develop strategies, mainly topical applications, to improve the ultimate appearance of the scars.  Numerous topical agents are used today and there is considerable debate as what is the best scar therapy. Less frequently evaluated and, in the spirit of prevention Read More…

Plastic Surgery Case Study – Clavicle Reduction Osteotomies in Asymmetric Shoulders with Horizontally Oriented Clavicles

Background: In clavicle reduction surgery one becomes aware that the paired clavicles are not often symmetric. Clavicle lengths are known by numerous anatomic studies to be different between the two sides. My clinical experience confirms this is accurate and careful examination has shown how frequent clavicle length asymmetries are. The longer clavicle length can be Read More…

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