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Technical Strategies – The Postauricular Sulcus Incision for Temporal Implants

Temporal implants offer a permanent solution to numerous aesthetic deformities/ deficiencies of the entire temporal region. Standard temporal implants were developed to treat the non-hair bearing anterior temporal region which is always the most visible. Both subtotal and total temporal implants exist for this area. Traditionally anterior temporal implants have been placed through a small Read More…

Technical Strategies – Maximal Superior Otoplasty Repositioning

Otoplasty is a generic term for ear reshaping of a variety of aesthetic deformities. In its most classic use it is a term specifically for setting back the protruding ear using different suture techniques of cartilage reshaping/repositioming done through a postauricular approach. It decreases the auriculoephalic angle by creating a more defined anti helical fold, Read More…

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