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Plastic Surgery Case Study – Custom Infraorbital-Malar-Maxillary Implants for a Permanent Facial Augmentation Effect Based on Prior Radiesse Injectable Filler

Background: The most common form of cheek or midface augmentation is with the use of injectable materials. While fat is the most frequently used method of surgical injections as it is often performed along with other procedures, synthetic fillers even exceeds the use of fat because it is non-surgical. A wide variety of synthetic filler Read More…

Postoperative 3D CT Scanning for Custom Skull Implant Placement

Custom skull implants are the definitive method of any type of significant aesthetic skull augmentation. With a design based on the patient’s 3D CT scan implants can be designed to achieve almost type of head augmentation a patient desires. (provided the implant volume does not exceed the scalp’s ability to stretch to safely accommodate it) Read More…

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