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Plastic Surgery Case Study – Custom Chin Implant for Asymmetry: A 45 Degree Augmentation Effect and a More Square Shape

Background: Chin implants are a common facial augmentation that can be very effective for the properly selected patient. They work best for modest to moderate chin deficiencies that are largely horizontal in dimension (inadequate projection) with no significant asymmetries in the chin or jawline bone. Where patients and surgeons get into aesthetic difficulties is when Read More…

The Cup Test for Back of Head Augmentations with Custom Implants

The skull can be thought of simplistically as the connection of 5 convex¬† surfaces (front, top, back and two sides) into an oblong curved shape. (normocephaly) Each of the five surfaces has varying degrees of convexity but none of its surfaces are flat. The back of the head has a fair amount of convexity and Read More…

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