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Plastic Surgery Case Study – The Addition of Custom Supralateral Orbital Rim implants to Infraorbital Rim Implants for Circumferential Orbital Augmentation

Background: The bones around the eye consist of three rim segments, supraorbital, lateral orbital and infraorbital rims. The medial aspect of the orbital bone that completes its circumference is not a convex rim of bone but a concave surface. All of the orbital rims can be aesthetically augmented of which the brow bones (supraorbital rim) Read More…

Techniques and Outcomes in Nonsurgical (Injectable) Rhinoplasty

While reshaping of the nose is permanently done by a surgical rhinoplasty, temporary changes can be achieved with injectable fillers. While an injectable or non-surgical rhinoplasty can not accomplish the diverse number of changes that surgery can do, it can be effective in specific augmentative nose changes. Fillers work well for increasing tip projection, eliminating Read More…

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